Monday, June 27, 2005


This is the only photo I have at the moment. Hope you like it.

The glasses are a joke, by the way.

I am excited about starting a new blog, mostly for the outlet it will be for me to selfishly unload thoughts and experiences. I've seen blogs utilized by characters in movies, and thought it seemed a little narcissistic to create an entire webpage about yourself and your ideas. But I think I'm wrong. Maybe it's a way to document your life, to process your experiences, and to connect with others who relate.

This being my first posting, I hope to get better at it. Thanks, Kelly, for introducing me to this thing! I hope to write more very soon.
Pretty, pretty picture! ;)

So glad you've succumbed to peer pressure and joined us in the blogworld. And this way we will always know what's going on with other after I move. Hooray for the internet!

I plan to print out all of my entries as a journal - which I really need to do while I still have access to the law school library and lovely free printing.
Mary, you are the funniest girl I know. And the picture just goes to show that I'm not exaggerating...
Mary you crack me up. I never forget how funny you are but when I look at these photos it really comes back to me. I love you too too much.
Mary from McCormick said:

Ohhh the dreams you dream!! You have so much imagination. Chris Hall was wondering how you were doing the other day. He is looking very old for some reason. We sure do miss you around here!! Take care.
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