Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ah...men. (amen?)

It's so hard not to get bitter sometimes. I am so fighting it off. Actually, I really don't feel bitter about men 90% of the time. I love men. I especially love men that understand the true purpose and practice of their God-given priesthood. It's such a turn-on to see a guy who knows it's not about authority, but responsibility and a built-in reason to walk humble everyday. But it's often those good, decent men who get duped by a dark force then gradually and carefully they go one of two ways:

Man A) I mask my seething hormones with intellect, wit, or some other ego-maniacal trait that portrays confidence but is really fear actualized in the form of over-compensation, and with this puffy poo-poohead of mine I convince myself that no woman in my sphere possesses all the qualities that are requisite in my future wife, and will therefore play the field looking for ways to throw her outta the game prematurely on even the smallest infraction; or

Man B) I abandon my seething hormones and pour myself into the Lord's work, where I soon learn how to fast for 6 days straight, but quickly forget how to talk to a girl, much less connect with her in any intimate way like a normal person, and hope they don't notice that my libido is on permanent sabbatical while I turn in my home teaching report three weeks early.

I think the fact that I limit men to two categories probably means I'm slightly bitter, not to mention ignorant. Perhaps bitterness breeds ignorance. I just better stop there.

Anyone else wanna weigh in? Spare me the lectures, I know I'm wrong for writing this. I'm asking for fellow sympathizers looking to vent!
I totally understand. I hate it when the Priesthood is seen as authority to be right and dominate instead of a responsibility to serve. I know I can't spell.

Personally, I think most of the men are repressed at this point, and/or are looking for a smart gorgeous model that will put away all that stuff and just alwaya agree with him and be there to do his bidding and make him babies.

I can be bitter too sometimes:) we all can. I just maintain some hope deep down.

Also, I think that they have deep-seated issues that they won't deal with.

Also, I think an impure thought or two (as in, wow, she is very attractive. perhaps i'd like to kiss her) would do them some good in the repression department.

Also, I think sometimes they either idealize and put woman on stupid pedastals, or they just don't know how to appreciate woman in general (like, as actual people with things to contribute) at all.

Wow, see what happens when you open up the comments to ranting and venting. I promise I don't think these things all the time and that they are gross generalizations that do have exceptions.

Also, I will shut up now.

Amen, Sister!! I, too, have been giving off a bitter vibe as of late. Perhaps because we are sharing the same pool of Priesthood holders? At any rate, I'm hoping there are some of those ever-elusive Man C's (I'm totally cute, funny, interesting, spiritual, and basically just perfect) out there for you, me, and all the other spectacular single girls out there.
Amen and Hallelujah.

Go check out my latest post. I wrote something about this.
Okay, I'm the only one blabbing on here. So not fair. :)


I have to represent for the men here. Represent for the priesthood.

I have to agree for the most part.

Of course, if girls weren't so darn confusing.

I'm watching "My Fair Lady" Right now. I believe this problem does go back a few years though. (Watch the song "Why can't a woman be more like a man", and "If you Let a Woman in Your life" to understand Bachelors)

I'm a dating LDS male, but

1) It would take me a while to make it through the entire Female LDS spectrum


2) I am already labeled a commitment phobe.
Cat: blab away girlfriend. Blogs should be re-named Blabs. I love it. Keep it up.

Miss Hass: Thanks for the back up! But we must press forward and thwart the evil bitter bug that infiltrates. Nothing is more unsexy than a woman with a big chip. I love your positive "Man C" contribution; he's gotta be out there somewhere, right? Like a dangerous species flying from tree to tree in the Congo. Or a Bigfoot sighting. Which is more likely?

Chris: THANK YOU for your comment! I'd love to hear more of your thoughts, if you'd care to share.

Kell: Good seeing you last night. I'm going to go read your post right now.
Don't forget Man D) I realize on a theoretical level that women and families are desirable, I just don't have concrete plans to include them in my life. I would rather sit at home every weekend playing video games. But hey, I tell the girls can come over and play too, especially if they bring food!
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