Friday, July 08, 2005

a dream is a wish

I’ve decided that I want to be a Disney princess for a living.

I’m going to pack my little Suzuki econo-sedan with my four measly boxes of worldly possessions, drive across the country to sunny L.A., storm into Disneyland casting headquarters and make them hire me as their new Cinderella.

I can think of worse ways to make a living. I’m aware of the drawbacks. Here are a few:

1. peasant children tugging on my princess dress
2. beads of princess sweat on my princess forehead because of the thick princess wig I wear
3. everyday being amongst my subjects in the heat and crowded peasant streets of Fantasy Land
4. writer’s cramp
5. playing by Disneyland rules and not being able to tell off rude peasants when they make fun of their princess (i.e. “Cinderella thinks you should jump off the Matterhorn, rude peasant!!!”)

But here are some tempting bonuses to being a Disney princess:

1. People think you’re a princess!
2. You get to dress like a princess!
3. Girls want to be you, cuz you’re a princess!
4. Boys want to date you, cuz you’re a princess!
5. I can get my family & friends in the park for free - - promoting me to Goddess.

Just thinking about this gives me joy and happiness in my heart. Tell me, is it a bad sign if after only 6 weeks of being in your current job you’re fantasizing about being a princess?

I gotta go make some copies and fax something now. Fare thee well.
Can I come with you and be Belle? I always related to her. Someone once told me I made them think of her (back when my hair was longer).

There must be more than this provincial life!

See, I know the song and everything.

(Who's in the picture?)
Now that song is in my head, evil woman!

I alwasy wanted to be on of the heriones from a fantasy novel, but I'm a dork like that. I'm all about having my own magical powers.

Um, it's the end of the day and I'm bored and tired and that's why there are so many errors in the above comment. Also, I write in what my friends and I like to call 'catoglyphics'. Sorry.

Belle: road trip, baby! We're goin'.

The picture (from left to right):
McKay my adorable brother-in-law,
Amanda his wife (also, my sister)
Leanne (other sister) ocean Goddess living in Maui, but will break for D'land.
Do it dude. Go for it. I'm trying to sell my hobobarbie princess idea to Disney so maybe I'll see you there. Marching with you in the Electrical Parade. Cindy and Hobobarbie. BFF.
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