Thursday, July 14, 2005

if you want some funny

If I could freaking figure out how to post links on my blog, I'd be doing it that way. But I don't. Y'all MUST take a look at a couple new friends who've joined the bloggernacle: my sisters Laura
and Amanda.

They've just started, so let's give them lots of support! I promise they will make you laugh. Be sure to check out their profiles.

You're the meaning to my blog, Mary. You're my blog inspiration. I'm finding that the word "blog" is now becoming very similar to the word "smurf" You know how smurf was an adjective, noun, and verb? Yeah, you can do that with Blog, too!!
You've had me in stitches since I started reading your blog. I mean laughing like a blog. I almost blogged my blog off!! Okay, gettin crazay...
You keep up the good work! And keep checking mine, because you're about to get on the rollercoaster that is amanda's blog and you'll discover blogging as its never been blogged before.
Blog out.
Love, Bloggy
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