Thursday, July 21, 2005

in search of a uterus

Yesterday at the doctor's office, my doctor couldn't find my uterus. I'm lying there on the table as she went in search of my uterus. I'll just spare you the details of what that feels like.

At last...Eureka. There she is! She found my uterus, hiding in the back. Playing solitaire.

I have a shy uterus. She's especially shy of doctors. I think my uterus is feeling negelected. Maybe she thinks I don't appreciate her. I haven't really given her the chance to "show off her talents."

Dear Uterus: Hang in there, pal. I haven't forgotten you. Don't disappear on me.

Love, Me
I, knowing more details to this story than all bloggers now blogging this blog, found this post to be extraordinarily HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! MARY you crack me up. Wow.
Dude, I'm scared when I go, mine will be lost too now.
Oh to be a woman with a missing uterus. Woe. Woe. Woe.
I also found this post entertaining, even though I don't know all the details. I have known others to go through similar things though, and it's never fun.
This happens to me every time I go to the gyno. Mine is inverted (TMI). It is incredibly annoying and time consuming. But, you have managed to make it hilarious as well. I can always count on you to make things so funny. When are you auditioning for SNL???
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