Monday, July 11, 2005


Day of rest? Not so much. Forget about a night of rest either.

So I turn out the lights approximately midnight thinking "oh, nelly I will sleep so hard tonight." Why do I think that?

After a couple of hours (H-O-U-R-S) of battling racing thoughts, droopy mattress, humid air, achy head, and the like, I make my way to the couch like one of those creepy sleepwalkers. Only I'm not sleepwalking, I'm wakewalking. I throw my pillow on one end of the couch, sigh self-piteously, lay down and try not to think about anything at all. For the rest of life.

2:08 a.m. Get up...get a mug...fill with water...swallow two Aleve...back to the couch.

5:17 a.m. Harley-tattoo neighbor man, Mark, who works a night shift, comes Harley-tattoo roaring in home from work. Crap. Mark. Ride a bicycyle, man. Really good exercise. And you could use a trim, now that I'm awake and thinking about it.

Pick up pillow...pick up bedsheet...go back to droopy mattress. Whine/weep like a baby for 30 seconds. Fall asleep at some point.

7:04 a.m. Wakey Wakey!!!! Yippee! It's Monday, and I am ready to open a vein!!!!! Woo Hoo!

3:10 p.m. Zombie. Total, utter, and complete.

It's almost become a bizarre curiosity to see how long I can function with this amount of sleep every night. The account cited above represents, on average, between 4-5 out of seven nights of the week. It really. really. stinks.

Would love some un-stale suggestions on how to fall and stay asleep. Anybody got any ideas? If you have no ideas, that's okay. Sympathizers also appreciated. Thanks. And now I need to crack open my third Diet Coke. Ta.
I can only sympathize, I don't have any insomniac secrets. I just hope that the Diet Coke is LIME.

That is no good at all. I also have trouble falling asleep, but not usually that much. Wishing you better luck tonight!

Maybe if you eat some turkey before bed since supposedly that has the triptophan or whatever it is that makes people all nap on Thanksgiving.

Bleh! I'm sorry, Miss Mary.

Couple of things: I know when I'm working out regularly I usually get to sleep more quickly. I don't know if you already have a standard routine, but 80 laps in the morning, followed by studying for the Bar all day has succeeded in knocking me right out for the last few weeks.

I read somewhere (in Self maybe?) that drinking a cup of milk before bed is good for getting you to sleep. My dad always had me do that when I was little so I guess Self proves that an old remedy actually works. However, I always used to warm it up in the microwave and put a few drops of vanilla in it. It's actually very yummy, if you like milk, which I do.
I have found that an Organic Chemistry textbook works wonders in helping one to fall asleep.
And now I have the Animaniacs theme song going through my head

We're Animaney
Totally insaney
Citizen Kaney (that was my favorite)
Hm. Kelly may have something there with the milk. I've always had some chocolate milk before bed, and usually I can get to sleep (new mattresses also help:)).

Seriously, chocolate milk. With Hershey's syrup, not Nestle powder.

Milk has a chemical in it that helps you the way triptophan does. Have you tried relaxation techniques like deep breathing? I know that when I try meditation stuff, I either fall right asleep or burst into tears, depending on what I'm trying to hold together at the time--and when I use the same techniques at night in a dark room, it really makes a difference.

Another thing that makes a difference is to make sure your sleeping space is completely differentiated from any work space. Never do homework on your bed. (I can't remember if you're still in school or working--it's been a while since we've talked. In fact, so long that I thought you moved away from Boston. Did you move back?) If you have a desk in your room, try to make sure that you separate the areas between your bed and your desk.

I know how hard it is when you have roommates to have your desk in another room, but if you can do that, it really makes an amazing difference. Now that I have my own apartment, I just have my bed and dresser and clothes and stuff like that in my bedroom, and the office stuff out in the dining room. The only thing I use that room for is dressing and sleeping. So when I walk in that room at midnight, my body and my psyche know that I can relax in that room, don't have homework (or work, in my case now) hovering over me, metaphorically, in that room.
Oh, also--never drink caffiene after 6 or 7 pm. Or something--I can't remember what time is actually recommended. But I would even venture to say that the caffiene will still be messing up your sleep pattern if you're drinking it at suppertime or on the way home at 5-ish. You have to allow your body that evening time to prepare for bed. Your body itself is already producing chemicals to keep you awake during the evening because that's our sleepiest time of the day, so you don't need caffiene along with it. (The same way that the most wakeful part of the night is right before you wake up, therefore your body produces chemicals to keep you asleep till the right time.) Or something. I can't remember how it was explained to me, I could have the sleepy/wakeful mixed around, but hopefully you get the idea.
Wow! Can I just say how really nice it is when you aren't really expecting any responses or suggestions, and you get more than a few! Really good ones, too!

Thank you everyone for caring about my sleep deprivation. I think the tips about exercise, caffeine, and milk are pretty good. I wish I liked milk. Maybe chocolate milk. I can justify taking chocolate medicinally, can't I?

I was addicted to animaniacs. I knew there was a cosmic connection between us.
I don't like milk either, but if it's really fresh and mixed with Hershey's Special Dark chocolate syrup then I can drink it. And yes, I think you can justify that it is medically needed.
As if there was ever any doubt. INFJ's RULE!
Oh that's right! INFJ's rock steady, yo. Now I wanna go read about INFJ's again and see how cool we are.
I, too, am and INFJ. Though sometimes I come out as an INFP--they're so close.
It's been several years, but I'm an INFP, though I think a few of those were relativly close to the other option...

Oh, Mary. I'm so sorry. I remember when this was happening to you in grad schoool. Honestly I think the exercise is the best suggestion. Just don't do it too close to bed time. Oh, and just so you know, I check out this sight every morning and the photo of you in the glasses is priceless. love you, Danielle
It's the Diet Coke on this one. Definitely. Too much Diet Coke will make your sleep less at night. And it also affects your thought patterns. In fact, Diet Coke has been known to have a mind of it's own and inject that mind into your mind.
When I can't sleep, it's because of the same stuff-- thoughts, room temperature, stress, what not. I have no suggestions on how to make that better so you can sleep. I think I'm getting good at shutting down my brain though... telling myself when I can't sleep and should be sleeping that I should be sleeping and if I really cared about my emotional, physicaly and mental well being I would let my body rest. So that means resting my mind. It's like a treat I treat myself to. Mary, that's it. Give yourself the gift of sleep. The end. Good night.
Hobo (also Richard, also my sister Laura,)

You're so right. This morning, I'm sitting on the bus sipping breakfast (ie. Diet Nectar)and I got the strongest impression that I needed to quit this stuff, or my health will rapidly deteriorate. I was about halfway through my can, and I just stopped drinking. It scared me that much.

I gotta quit my Nectar. Hey, I've quit things before, I can do this. I just don't know what to do with the 12-pack at home now.
Maybe I can sell it on craiglist.
I'm so proud of you. Craigslist or EBay it. All the way. Or give it to the "needy". It's a pain in the richard to richard that stuff but someone's gotta richard it Richard. And that Richard is YOU, Richard.
P.S. Please visit my blog everyone. Please be my friend. I need blog friends. Thank you.
Someone just posted this link on a message board I'm on about women's insomnia. I thought you might find it informative.
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