Tuesday, July 26, 2005

...is the loneliest number

So tomorrow is my birthday. I am venturing one year further into the third decade of my existence. Watersheds, such as birthdays, have an obvious propensity for one to reflect and ponder on the direction of one’s life. One might say one is pensive, and seeks to find meaning over one’s previous choices and circumstances. When one is confronted with one’s future and what it will hold for one such as myself, one must always keep in mind the importance of humor in one’s everyday dealings one with another. One must draw diversion, release, and even comfort in the wit one or another one may offer one. One may even offer this one a whimsy jest, which typically begins: “so this one and this other one walk into a bar…”
At other times, one must cast all levity aside and be able to look confidently at oneself and say: I like one. I’m proud of what one has become. One may be unsure of one’s future, but one has lots of promise. Go on, one. Spread your wings and be one with one.

Who knows? Maybe this time next year, one will be two? With one on the way?

Happy day before your birthday!!!
Here's my personal favorite joke for one:

A pirate walks into a bar.

The bartender says, "Hey, do you know you have a steering wheel down your pants?"

The pirate says, "ARRRG, and it's drivin' me nuts!"

(and if you've already read it on my site, I hope it still makes you laugh - or at least smile - or just think wow, Kelly will be so much more normal once the Bar exam is over and done with)

Have a happy happy day tomorrow!

And here's to hoping all us ones get our other ones sometime soon.
Kelly, the joke did make me laugh, but mainly because you find it so hilarious, not because it is.

Everyone: Kelly is taking the MA bar exam tomorrow. She has studied very, very, diligently to the point of brain melt. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her
Kelly is one B.A. bar-exam test taker chick.

g - - thanks! As always, it's nice to hear from you!
Mary, my dear...can I tell you that I totally understand...although I think that you know this.

Also...ever since I read your post I have the song "one is the lonliest number" running through my head.
happy early b-day.
Dude, GENIUS. This post is just GENIUS! Who are you!?!? My sister. That's who. Not Pop-pop. Mary, I for one am one of many who feels blessed to have one such as oneself (uh, you) in one's life.
Happy B-Day! So much for the Choco's. I tried giving you the gift of life, the gift of Choco's but you and your small dainty feet had to get in the way.
Richard, I love you.
Happy b-day, Mary! I didn't know our birthdays were so close (mine's Aug. 7, in a week and a half). Hitting 31, yep. I need to have one's good humor in that!
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