Friday, July 01, 2005

Viggo is my boyfriend

Guess what I'm doing tonight? I'm going to eat a calzone and watch LOTR with my roommate, Peggy Ruth Deming! We've decided to start at the beginning (well, with Fellowship, as we don't have a copy of that '70's animated version of The Hobbit anywhere handy) and if we're still alert by the end (I don't imply these movies are boring, heavens no, merely that I'm already tired and it's 2 p.m.) we're going to watch the documentaries which accompany the extended releases - - ALL THREE HOURS OF 'EM! Get. your. freak. on.

I hate this part of the day. 2:00 - 5:00. What a nighmarishly blah period of life. What takes me 15 minutes at 9:20 a.m. takes me 4 days at 2:40 p.m. No lie.

About the glasses I don in my photos herein posted: they aren't mine. They belong to a former boss of mine who now lives in Connecticut. Sorry Maria, no glasses this Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter. I am, however, starting a collection fund for my very own pair. Those of you who wish to donate, please visit www.4-eyes&

That fictitious URL was rather inappropriate. Funny, though.
We're doing Star Wars over at my house tonight. It's the night of classics!

I heart Legolas and his smoking archery skills. Heidi and I were talking about how Viggo is not very cute outside of LOTR, but he is smokin' in that. So...mmm...dirty...and tough...and romantic...and...mmm...dirty.

Uh, anyway, where was I...?
I can't choose b/w Legolas and Aragorn, I need to meld them into one man and make him magically walk into church one sunday (and of course make him immune to the attentions of every other woman there). Yes, I have a house in fantasy-land.

Can I have a room in your house then, Cat? I could use a little fantasy realized.
oh, shoot honey, come on over and stay a while. it's very fun. there's lots of boyfriends and nothing makes you gain weight and also, everything i try on from my closet makes me look even more fabulous that i already do in fantasy-house.

I totally need to move there with you! Make some room!!!
And by boyfriends I mean the sort that I have on the TV, like Michael Vartan. He's there for real in fantasy-house!

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