Wednesday, July 27, 2005

zippidee aye and heidi ho!


Taking a half day today and having lunch with my girls.

Got flowers and a chocolate mousse cake from my boss (yes, I am totally spoiled.)

Party tonight. For those in the area, feel free to stop by!

Yay! It's really good to be alive.

I'm sending out positive vibes with my brain right now that my friend, Kelly is acing the Bar. (go Kelly go Kelly go Kelly go...)

Tell someone today that you love them! Peace, my chums.
I am singing happy birthday to you right now, unfortunately since I'm really far away you probably can't hear it. And now I have all these people in my office looking at me kinda funny....but oh well. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a wonderful day!
I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Birthday, Richard!
I will call you.
And shower you with gifts.
And schedule Chipendales to come to that party you're throwing. Yeah!
Just kidding on the Chipendales, dude. Or am I?!??!
Mary, thank you so much for letting me celbrate your birthday with you last night. I had a wonderful time! You are amazing my dear!!! Hugs!!!
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