Tuesday, August 30, 2005

charles foster kane

I would just like to mention here that Peggy and I saw Citizen Kane for the first time ever last night.

I would also just like to mention that I guessed who Rosebud was within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

I would also ALSO just like to mention that I am a smart girl.

I would also ALSO ALSO just like to mention that I have a foot fungus.

But Citizen Kane was awesome, dude.
I can't believe you'd never seen it!

And I'm impressed by your smartness.

And not a little grossed out by the foot fungus. :)
I have never seen Citizen Kane. Perhaps I should look into it. However, I don't think I'll look into the foot fungus. Hope you can get that taken care of.
gotta see it. it's amazing, truly. now i know why they go on and on about it. when you watch it with the understanding that NOTHING like this had ever been done before, and you measure it against other films made in 1941, you see why it was so extraordinary.

btw: my foot fungus annhilation appointment is next week. thanks for the support, guys.
I LOVE Citizen Kane. I had to watch it for one of my Spanish lit classes in college. I don't remember why, just that I loved that movie.

Also, I commiserate with the foot maladies. I wore baaaaad shoes today and it's entirely possible that I may lose them both.
i can empathize with the fungus. or at least empathize with being accused of having foot fungus when i don't by mean sisters my whole life. waaaaaaaaahahahahaha i don't want to talk about it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaa. you talk about needing therapy for encounters with candy cons.
oops, that was me, hobobarbie. not anonymous. wouldn't want to open that can o worms again. dear buddha.
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