Monday, August 15, 2005

how bout this?

Here's What Was Said:

Co-worker: Have you seen how the only parking spaces in this area are for handicapped people only?

Me: Oh, really?

Co-worker: You can't park anywhere near this building unless you're handicapped!

Me: Huh. Well, I imagine they need the spots more than I would, right?

Co-worker: (long pause while she just stares at me.) You can't tell me there's more handicapped people around here than normal people!

Me: (nervous laugh.)

Moral: Angry people are often blind. Blindness is a handicap. Handicapped people get to have a parking space. The rest of us take the T because we're normal.

2nd Moral: The first moral makes about as much sense as my co-worker.
I can't stand when I see people who don't have the appropriate permits in handicapped spots... or when someone has a permit, but clearly doesn't need it (like a person practically runs into the store w/ no apparent difficulty at all). It makes me angry, and then I feel bad b/c what if they are handicapped and legitimately using the space and I just can't tell.
that post and story is what i like to abbreviate, W.W.W.

and i'm not talkin bout any wrestling confederations. I'm talkin the triple wig wackness.

it sounds like we handle those types the same way. go figure! hey, do you like popcorn? sisters!!!
I once commuted with my upstairs neighbor in Eastie,who alwasy complained about handicapped spots in the neighborhood, always. I never said anything, though I should have told that since we have legs that work, an extra block of walking (though sometimes we did get a good spot in front of the house, eastie parking is tight) wouldn't exactly have killed us.

She got so angry that someone else could park in front of thier house and she couldn't, that she didn't see how lucky she was to not need that sort of thing. She felt so entitled to a stupid parking spot, it totally bugged me.
EXACTLY! That's just the idiocy of it. This person thinks that it's about the quantity vs. the proximity.

I have legs, and I'm happy that they work. I'm glad I don't need the space! Be grateful, Toad!

That's my new name for icky people. Toad.
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