Friday, September 02, 2005

emotional basketcase - the pms doesn't help either

Right before my boss left this morning to begin her labor day weekend, she left this beautiful arrangement of flowers on my desk. They’d been given to her, but she wanted me to enjoy them, since she’ll be out over the next few days after we all get back on Tuesday.

So I’m looking at the flowers, and thinking about how pretty they are. I’m thinking about the beautiful weather outside, and the long weekend I’m so excited for. I’m thinking about how my life is pretty darn amazing. I’m thinking about how I don’t have to worry about my house, my possessions, my city, my state, rotting in water and waste and ruin. I don’t have to think about the tremendous amount of human life lost, and where I can go to the bathroom, and what it’s going to feel like when I get to have ice in my drinkable drinking water again.

I’m so sad, you guys. I’m so sad for what’s happening. And I can’t stop thinking about it. I wish I had so much money, and a plane, and a cruise ship, so that I could give it all away to the people who need it so bad right now.

I have to stop writing, because I’m totally bawling and I’m still at work, and I don’t want to tell people why because they’ll think I’m crazy.

I stole these from an email I received today. If you can, please use them.

The RED CROSS - you can make a quick online donation right this second

The GOVERNMENT SITE with all kinds of information on non-monetary ways to help, including donating blood

My CHURCH has a humanitarian aid organization where you can make online donations

if you have an AMAZON.COM account you can go here
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I know how you feel. I've been feeling a little cut off from the world. I have no television in my apartment, so I've heard/seen no news in a long time. Then last week, I passed my school's newspaper that had a headline called "Swimming in the Streets." I really didn't think anything of it, because it sounded like "Dancing in the Dark" or "Playing in the Park"---all very fun-sounding activities. Finally my brother came home and mentioned something to me, and then I spent hours on the internet, finding out about what was happening. It's a difficult situation to try to deal with and make sense of in your head---kindof like feeling guilty after you laugh when a loved one has recently passed away.
It is really sad, and you are not crazy for being upset (actually, I'd worry about someone who isn't upset). There is so much suffering there now and I, personally, feel kinda helpless about it. What can I do other than donate money to a worthy organization that will help out?
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