Friday, September 09, 2005

healing properties

All yesterday I was feeling guilty about leaving such a poopy pants post on my blog. Though it’s true, I was feeling pretty crappy, I knew that I had the wrong attitude about it, and that wasn’t helping.

At the insistence of everyone in my office, I went home from work around 2:00 p.m. I was pretty much horizontal the second I got home. I took a long nap, then I took myself to Target. What is it about Target? It has healing properties, I do not kid. Just roaming around the aisles like a zombie, still in my sleepy clothes with my hair in this bent ponytail, taking stock of what’s on the shelves, taking inventory of the thoughts in my head, finding strange, almost non-existent parallels - - Target can be a spiritual crossroad.

Example: [inner thoughts] Hm. This multi-colored rag rug would go great in my room. $20 on clearance. Sweet. Am I making the most of mortality right now?

Example 2: [more inner thoughts] I need to get centered again. I was doing well for a while there. I need to eat better, I need to structure my time….ooo, Pringles.

Example 3: [inner thought overload] I mean, why must I be so dramatic all the time? Even my blood pressure decides to be ostentatiously low for the nurse lady, but for no good reason at all. I’m perfectly fine, so stop it already!!! Do I really need to own Young Frankenstein? Put it back, you haven’t paid your rent yet.

I got back from Target, watched a movie with the Pegster, then went to my room and read for a while. Great Book. “Spiritual Lightening” by M. Catherine Thomas. Log on to Deseret Book, and grab your copy today. I had a wonderful conversation with HF, and went to bed feeling much better.

And here I am, back at non-work. I’m going to take the advice of all my dear bloggy friends, and make the most of the free time here. Plus, it’s Friday peeps – AND it’s payday. Yeeeahh! Tonight I’m going to a high school football game. I haven’t been to one of those since…well, high school! So excited for that. Sometime this weekend, I hope to get back to Mother Target, roam the aisles again, knowingly nod at all the merchandise and think to myself, thank you T-dog. The catalyst for spiritual breakthroughs. Thank you.
Let me just give an amen to the aura cleansing powers of Target. The name of my first born child will be Target. Or maybe just the Target symbol. You know, like the artist formerly known as Prince. Yeah, that's cooler.
Once again, the power of Target is acknowledged. I know we're not supposed to worship idols, but COME ON! It's Target!
I am also a Target lover. I have been there twice in the last week and I want to go again right now. I tried to persuade my brother to take me, but he remains unpersuaded. There are two pillows there right now that I'd like to buy...
I love Target too. And that you refered to it as T-Dog. That cracks me up. Maybe I will go there tonight. And for once, I actaully NEED stuff from there, so I don't have to feel guilty about spending money there.
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