Thursday, September 15, 2005

how do you say it?

Do you say laundrymat or laundromat?

Sherbet or Sherbert?

HAR-assment or har-ASS-ment

Across the street or Acrossed the street?

When you say “Eggs” does it sound more like Ehggs or Aiggs.

How would you pronounce this one: DePuy

a) du-pwee
b) dih-puey
c) du-pwoy
d) dih-pew
e) dee-poo poo ba doo

Wednesday or Wednesdee?

Incidentally, there is only one correct answer for each of these, and that is however I pronounce it. Everyone else's pronunciations are wrong.

Any other hazardous words I’ve left off the list? Please add them to the mix.
I'm a laundromat, sherbert, harASSment, across the street, ehggs dih-puey, Wednesday gal myself.

Another word for the list: pecan
rock on, g. That was a fantastic response.

And Pee-canz is a great word for the list.

Also, I forgot this one:

Treasure or Traysure
also, do you say "stand in line" or "stand on line"?

I have a friend who says stand on line and it drives me nuts for some reason.
stand *on* line?! Ewww...that would drive me nuts. On line?

Does that even make sense?
What about Nevada?

Acroos the street
What's a DePuy?
I think the "on line" is a NYC thing.
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Okay, so what's a Laudromat, and why haven't I heard that one before, Kell?
Kindergarten!! (Kinniegarden??)

and what about Coupon?? (Cewpon??)

I love that.

I converted to Coupon (from cewpon) a few years back. I blame Mom for that one.
What about realtor vs. realitor?

Here's another one:

In Canada, we pronounce it BAD-min-ton. You know? The way it's spelled? I couldn't understand any of this bad-mitten crap when I came South.
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