Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm thinking of signing up with an online dating website. What are your thoughts, people?

As far as my personal profile is concerned, THIS is what I've got so far. I'll post the photo above.

Please feel free to offer suggestions.
Is lying down on the bed the right message that you're trying to send? If it is, I'd try a different pose. And try to wear leopard print if at all possible.
I agree, Cicada.

And on a somewhat related note, the pickings appear to be pretty slim in Indiana. I have to say that online dating is looking more and more appealing. Because if I get much older, people are going to start telling me terrifying statistics about the chances of getting married after certain ages. You know, like I'm more likely to be killed by backwoods hunters than get married after 45. Or something like that. Anyway, it's looking appealing is all I'm saying.
mmm...leopard print. Thanks.

You don't think the link is too revealing of my inner nature?

Do you think it's too arrogant to use the words "in pretty good shape?"

Two words:
How big is your bandwidth? Can it hold the volume of hits?

We can put that sassy photo back up, the one you just took down off your blog.

I loved that photo.
Miss Hass, if you're looking at the online option, I will forward you the Linkup profile my friend just sent to me, thinking I should get to know him. :) I know you're shivering in anticipation. I'd do the same for you, Mary, if you were on Linkup! Think of it!
Mary, have I ever told you that you make me laugh like a hyena? Actually, I think I might have. But anyway. datehass just ain't gonna happen right now. For many reasons, not the least of which is that my bandwidth just couldn't take it. Also, my mom will have a real, live, genuine stroke if I find love on the internet. The only thing worse (for her) than me being a spinster with 47 cats is me finding love in cyberspace. I'm not sure why, but for now...
That is halarious.
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