Thursday, September 15, 2005


I’m feeling really antsy today. All week I’ve been kept busy, a welcomed change, here at work. And now that I’ve run out of things to do again, I’m starting to get antsy.

I’m reminded of the well-turned coinage of Sir Bob Wiley. Quote!: “Baby steps to 4 o’clock. Baby steps to 4 o’clooock.” Indeed, baby steps, yes. Truer words were never…yeah.

It’s been a very productive week, I’m feeling almost like a real live legal assistant complete with multiple (more than one) tasks per day. I have created work out of nothing by re-organizing the organized, adding unnecessary embellishment to pre-existing spreadsheets, and migrating my desk lamp from one side of the flat-screen monitor to the other.

I’m reminded of the well-marked observation of Jane Austen, in her book entitled Mansfield Park. Quote!: “Life seems nothing but a quick succession of busy nothings.”

The fact is there are more substantial projects of which I could endeavor. For example, there are several old files that need cleaning up - - but not by me. My boss, the attorney, needs to sort through them before I can do anything further. So, that could be another new project. I could grab one or two files, scribble a note on a post-it that concisely reads: Please Review, and deposit said files in her office. But I suppose I should wait until she has completed her review of the previous two files I gave her last week.

I’m reminded of the well-told phrase of former McLane High band director, Mr. Stephanopoulos. Quote!: “Hey! What’s holdin’ up the delay?!”

I apologize for the redundancy of the theme of the “bored-at-work” theme here on my weblog. Truth be told, I do like the time it gives me to get other things in my life in order, and ample time to research for the play I’m attempting to write. But my lack of work-related stimulus is a source of comedy for me, and I have to write about it because it’s funny. Also, it’s redundant. Funny-redundant comedy. Also. (clear throat.) Well, that was a fun paragraph!

I’d like to take a moment now to thank bloggers everywhere, both whom visit my blog and favor me with such delightful comments (exspecially my homey-blogspammers. holla!), and those who write such whimsical and anecdotal delights on their own blogs for me to read and treasure, for all the enjoyment and time-wasting opportunities they afford. Thank you, bloggers!

I’m reminded of the well-loved adage: “Treat others as you would treat them.”
I think High School band directors are full of wisdom. At least mine was.
To add:

An old boyfriend threw out his landlord's collection of diaper boxes. The landlord flew off the handle and said, "One man's trash is another man's junk!"
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