Monday, October 24, 2005


Heading over to Sunny California tomorrow! Yaaaay! Gonna meet my beautiful new nephew for the first time. Gonna visit my grandmother's grave and say goodbye. Gonna ride the Matterhorn with my sisters. Gonna eat Bobby Salazar's and DiCicco's

Mary and Terri? Whatterya doing for lunch next Monday? Well, cancel it. We're going out!

Time away from the day-to-day is probably a real good thing for me right now. Looking forward to being at home for a week. I'll have some time to post, so you'll be hearing from me on the other coast. Let's have some toast! And a marshmallow roast. A lovely pot roast? And a halloween ghost? This is ridiculous most.

Hope I don't die on the plane! Yaaaaay!
Have a wonderful time decompressing and partyin' it up with your fam and friends!! You deserve a break today...
Have a great trip! I'm very jealous, it's probably much nicer in CA than it is here at the moment.
What!!! I just read your blog!! You're actually in Fresno!! Call me -- Terri and I have been waiting and wondering -- when we can see you again. I understand you have great time limitations but maybe even a coffee break - lunch -- anything!!
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