Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a little flash'll do ya...

What is it?

A) a 1 gig flash drive;
B) a portable people shocker;
C) what Mary is submitting a purchase req for first thing tomorrow because she never wants to have a day like this one, where the powerpoint presentation, saved on the archaic technology known as a floppy disk, because that's all her non-profit budget will allow her, refused to open for anyone, the second floppy also refused, ruling out that it isn't the floppy after all, furiously emailing it to herself as an attachment, then running back to the conference room two buildings over and rebooting the laptop there, only to experience the ethernet cable blowing up when trying to open the powerpoint presentation from said email, in front of her boss and three different members of management and their teams, thereby delaying said presentation for 15 minutes, until an old and practically useless version of a somewhat similar powerpoint presentation was curiously left over from last month and still on the desktop, which said boss worked with but not joyfully, later subjecting Mary to ridicule and harmless joking about "being fired" for the remainder of the presentation until she was ready to burst into tears.

Anybody wanna guess the correct answer here?

Apparently Mary's Monday came a day late this week.
That is awful. I hate when technology seems determined to make nothing go right. Hopefully that little gizmo will keep that from happening again.
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