Wednesday, November 09, 2005

so-called educated adults say the darndest things...

Here's an excerpt from an email my sister wrote me:

Okay, this was just too good, I had to share...and in my humble opinion it's right up there with "Treat Others as You Would Treat Them" and "It's Not Always Easy to Do What's Right, but It's Always Right to Do What's Easy."...

Last night I was at institute, and we were talking about the temple, and how you want to share with people your experiences with the temple, without discussing anything sacred. And a girl in my class said--

"You just don't talk about things that go on in the temple. It's voodoo."

She proceeded to use the word "VooDoo" to describe the activities inside the temple 2 or 3 times.

Now, I know that the words "Taboo" and "VooDoo" sound very similar, but due to the fact that that have SUCH different meanings, to me, this is a much more comical display of ignorance than say, "kinniegarden" or "Libary".

In all fairness, I have to admit that one time I confused the word "docile" with "domicile" when describing a domestic pet. Truly embarrassing. Got any stories like these?
Hahahaha. Voodoo. I can't even remember anything my old roommate said, but she was full of these. She was always using the wrong word and then we'd make fun of her and get many laughs.

Ohhh, there WAS that time that I was explaining color theory to my little brother and he said, "Okay. So basically our uncle is the penultimate blue."

I said, "Uh, the second to last blue? Maybe they should put out a new movie: The Penultimate of the Mohicans." I thought I was funny.
That's funny. Did anyone clue her in on the mistake? My roommate makes mistakes like that quite frequently and gets in a huff when we point them out. But we do it anyway for some good entertainment.
Who, me? An editor? Of course not. The very idea! :-)
okay, i've also been misusing the word penultimate. this is truly humbling.
Little Freudian slips are pretty funny....I once turned in a high school biology paper in which I wrote "orgasm" instead of "organism." My teacher probably just thought I was being a wise ass, but I nearly died of embarrassment when I got it back and saw what I had done.

Another time, I kept calling this guy I worked with "Phillip" even though I knew his name to be Stuart- and I had worked with him for quite a while. It was just like, all of a sudden I just started calling him Phillip. And I didn't know anyone else named Phillip, either -- except for some guy who had been the shuttle bus driver at my college ten years earlier. I never did figure that one out - eventually I just started calling the guy Stuart again, and that was that.
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