Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hodges podges

I'm noticing some common, and undoubtedly rather overplayed, themes on my blog:
the art of poverty
random humiliating experiences
wacky work hijinx
spinstery sentiments

I must increase the number of topics...any suggestions? Here, I'll get us started:

favorite melons
wardrobe malfunctions (Rated G)
things I can't seem to get rid of
the chronic usage of misnomers when speaking to smart people
famous jewish sports legends

...anything else?

Oh, and here's another one of George, at his first real haircut. I do believe there is not one cuter than he. Forsooth...

hi mary!!! i miss you! i stumbled onto your blog through Amanda's and then Laura's! oh my goodness...i just have thought of you so often and wonder how you are! let me know!!!
kim hansen
I think you sort of already covered wardrobe malfunctions with that too short tunic.
Personally, I think you should blog about your favorite Spam recipe.
kim! You are so the coolest.
Everyone go on Kim's blog and buy some of her hand-made jewelry. No lie, they're gorgeous pieces!

g: wardrobe malfunctions, check. spam recipes are slight, but let me do a little research and get back to you!
I want a kid that gorgeous when I grow up. Are his parents perfectly genetically gifted or was this child genetically manipulated to come out so cute and cool?
Hobo, something must have happened. All I know is George's parents had been trying for YEARS to get preggers, and it was incredibly emotional and straining.

So God rewarded them with this amazing kid I guess. And George is loved beyond what he'll ever know, because of all that his parents went through to bring him here.

Isn't he beautiful?!?!
speaking of cute kids--check out the pictures I just posted! :)
Mary, blog.
Happy New Year Mary! You sang angelically perfect on Christmas morning at church! We left like the building was on fire after the meeting so I didn't get to tell you in person. Laura played that piano as perfect as ever too. She said she messed up, but i never heard a bad note. I love you guys!
Happy New Year!!!
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