Wednesday, January 04, 2006

and now for something quite sophisticated...

Sushi Haiku

And when I dip you
The rice drinks deeply of soy
My buds are happy

Su-SHI Iambic

O curs’d is he that cannot find the joy
Innate in cuts of fish so pink and lush
Tu-NA, White-FISH, Sal-MON, come enter in
And make yourselves a heav’n within my mouth

Sushi Split-Couplet

You cannot know what emptiness I feel
If I don’t eat an eel;
And though sashimi makes you want to cringe
Of it I binge;
I beg of you my friends to hear my cry
More Wasa-bye!

Perhaps not sophisticated...but not too shabby either when you've only got 15 minutes to post something. I'm just saying.
We should totally go out for sushi sometimes. Me loves the sushi! And your amazing sushi poetry!
AMAZING POEMS. amazing deeelightful images of deeelishious sushi. i could use a few pieces of California Roll right now...since i'm up at 3:02am with a bad cold and can't sleep...i should have taken NyQuil.
Those are wonderful poems. They almost make me want to try sushi again.
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