Thursday, January 05, 2006

deep thoughts

This morning my boss asked me to set up a meeting with several people, including the president. So I walk over to the president’s assistant’s office, pen and tablet in hand, to get available dates and times. President’s assistant is not in her office. So I head for the bathroom just down the hallway, since I’ve probably had to go for the past hour.

As I exit the stall, another secretary, with a thick Bostonian slur, looks at me and chuckles.

“What? You like got some notes to take in there or what?”

I still had the pen and tablet in my hand.
HEy sometimes my best ideas come while I am in the most awkward places. Not a bad idea to bring something to write with and on while I am at it.

Love ya much!
That's true... you never know when the inspiration will hit. And you want to be prepared when it does!
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