Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a deeper look into...something.

What can you tell about a person based on the contents in their refridgerator?
The condition of their desk?
The style and/or color of their bed sheets?

I’m not sure, but I’ll bet real money it’s not half so enlightening as taking a look at what’s in their Netflix queue! (Am I right or am I totally right?)

With that, I offer you the list of what is now in my Netflix queue. Feel free to look at this list as a whole or in part, as one big Mary metaphor, or multiple Mary layers, movies to watch if you want to be like me, or absolutely nothing whatever. I vote for nothing whatever.

(clear throat)


Get ready to believe. Olivia Newton John will tell you straight. We are magic.

Cool Hand Luke
This is listed as a “Classic”. I definitely recognized the artistic merit of it, but it just left me feeling icky. But that doesn't really matter, because Paul Newman is unbelievably gorgeous. Dirty and Sweaty and Misunderstood and stuff.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Traguna. Macoytees. Trecorum. Satis Dee.


The Triplets of Belleville
One of those where I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet.

Wait Until Dark
Audrey Hepburn, blind, suspenseful classic, saw the play never the movie.

American Mormon
I’m trying to be supportive of LDS “art”.

Peggy’s Pick.

Ladies in Lavender
Never seen it, love the women in it: Maggie Smith, Judi Dench.

Ian McKellan and Judi Dench. Point me to the wrong in this.

Mrs. Brown
You don’t even know what acting is until you’ve seen Dame Judi do her thing in this film. Holy cow.

BTW: At this blog, we have a love for Judi Dench. Not that you didn't see a pattern here. When you're old enough to leave this blog, you can love whomever you want. But so long as you live under THIS BLOG, AND YOU EAT AT THIS BLOG....

(translation: not yet out/Netflix can’t locate/ doesn’t have a copy yet)

The Shaggy Dog
Remember Chiffon?? Tommy Kirk? Fred McMurray? Anyone from old Disney Channel days? Anybody?

House, M.D. Season 2
This. Show. Is. Good. And I think T.V. is of the devil. So that's really saying something.

Sons of Provo
I’m trying to be supportive of LDS “art”. I’m seriously wanting to like at least one of these Excel films. Really.

I remember watching Xanadu at a birthday party. It was...interesting.

And Wait Until Dark is basically the only movie that never fails to scare the holy living crap out of me at that one part.
ohmygoshyoublogged. that being said, i love judi dench now and forever; house bugs me even though the show is interesting (but the same type of thing on the discovery channel rocks); dude, LOST. See, I am an evil minion b/c i dig the tv. also, i am babbling in your comments b/c of the joy i have of the bloging.

i have never seen wait until dark! egads!
I love Wait Until Dark, but it causes me to lose sleep as does anything suspensful.

I love Netflix. If you're lucky I might post my queue. It's full. And I'm still on my free 2 week trial period.
So now I'm really excited to see Wait Until Dark! Cool! I lose sleep over anything (see post entitled "Insomnimaniac") so I'll be sure to watch it on a sunny day at noon with plenty of other things to do afterward.

Cat, I can't get addicted to anymore shows especially ones where I know that the entire universe is watching them but me. Lost is totally in that category, and because of that, I refuse. But you're lovely. I'll pray the devil t.v. releases you from its grip of death.

Sarita, I'd LOVE to see your queue, I really do think it's interesting what people want to pick for entertainment. Netflix is pretty righteous. Welcome aboard.
I wrote bloging. See how you make me crazy? Perhaps you should blog more so that I do not get so crazy. And my and my tv are very happy together:) It enables my craftiness. In a good way.
I'm going to have to advise against the Sons of Provo and the other mormon one. Stick with the Judster...she's dynamite.
I saw Ladies in Lavender on a plane and LOVED it--I mean, I really LOVED it. Picture Judi Dench as a vulnerable, somewhat skittish elderly maiden aunt with a crush on a (HOT.) young shipwrecked violinist. And Maggie Smith as Judi's more stern, reasonable, rational sister. British films just don't get any better than this (and that's a good thing).
Don't waste your time with "Sons of Provo" that "art" is totally stupid. I claped when it was over, because I got to leave the theater.
Mary and Cat, have you guys ever seen As Time Goes By? Lovely BritCom with Dame Judi herself. I love it! I own the first 2 seasons. :)

Oh, and Mary, Ladies in Lavender is so nice. I saw it over Christmas with my parents. I think they got it for the same reason: we love Maggie Smith and Judi Dench.
And I really really miss the old Disney Channel where they showed the real movies and cartoons. Sigh...
I think the only one of these I've seen is Bedknobs & Broomsticks, and that was so long ago I barely remember. How sad for me. But I'm more of a TV junkie... not House though. I have to agree with Cat on that one. He irks me. But I don't watch Lost either. I think it was on against something else I already watched. My favorite show at the moment is probably Scrubs. I LOVE that show to an unhealthy degree.
It's not that I don't understand those who find House "irksome". He totally is! Perhaps the fact that I like House gives you a window into what kind of jerk men I've fallen for in the past.

But that's too personal for me to share you guys. I'm sorry. I'm just a very private person, which is why I write about myself all the time to the entire world.

And I'm also very excited about Ladies in Lavender now. I smell a new favorite on the horizon.

Just got my email from Netflix, I'm getting Triplets and Wait Until Dark TODAY! Happy weekend!
Kelly, I soooo miss the early Disney Channel days. You have no idea. I lament. I grieve.
Dudes, you can buy the DVD's of vintage Disney. I found Johnny Appleseed, The Ugly Duckling, The Grasshopper and the have to look HARD, but they're around. Especially on Amazon.
I MUST have them, to show my children what cartoons were like when they weren't mindless and vulgar.
As the person who introduced Mary to House, I must defend my Housie. The fact that people despise the character so much tells me Hugh Laurie is really good at what he does. I appreciate the obnoxiousness.
Yeeahhh! What my little sister said, peeps. All of it. Word.
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