Tuesday, February 14, 2006

some valentine-like mutterings (which is all i'm afraid i can muster)

hi folks,
so i know this is really the cheap way out but in honor of valentines day and all, i thought i'd share some of my chat dialogue i had with my sister, Amanda, earlier today.

"Amanda and me on Valentines Day"


me: oh crap...yeah thanks
i hate this day so bad

Amanda: oh honey no.

me: sorry i do

Amanda: yes

me: well...is you doing something with yer hubby toonight?

Amanda: he works until around 10

me: ahhhh....romance

Amanda: but I did buy us laser tag to play around our apartment.

me: hahahahah!!!!!
oh the visual

Amanda: yes... naked
hah! just kidding!

me: no no no noooooooooooo!!!!!

Amanda: don't visualize!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: too late

Amanda: you visualized

me: yep

Amanda: you pervert

me: you're the one who bought the laser tag.

"More Amanda and me on Valentines Day"

Amanda: so.. things are crappy for me too...

me: i'm misery. you're company. i love you.

Amanda: well now that's a valentine if I've ever heard one

me: totally. actually i saw the headline for an article that was talking about how the anti-valentine market was booming
so sad
we're all just so bitter
and broken

Amanda: love stinks

me: and ugly

Amanda: that reminds me of that Seinfeld where Jerry and Elaine are talking about dating
Jerry asks Elaine what percentage of the population is datable
she says 30%
he says, "No way, it's like 4-6 percent!"
and she says, "Then how are all these people getting together?"
and he says, "Alcohol."

me: hahahahhah! I can see his face when he delivers the punchline.
i may have to blog that

Amanda: I heart Jerry Seinfeld

"Amanda and me on the happiness factor and its ratio to how well you type"

Amanda: and it will be a glorious day

me: in glorious place
in A glorious plae...OH SHOOT.

Amanda: sound it out...
good grief.
I really feel sorry for you..

me: i don't wanna live anymore

Amanda: good luck finding a valentine with YOUR lack of typing skills!

me: i loaf you, argentine!
that's why i'm alone!

Amanda: honey, listen
someday a certain special someone is going to want to see how many words you can type a minute--ACCURATELY
and you don't want to watch him walk away, do you?

me: no

Amanda: then type, dammit!!! Type like the wind!! Don't stop until you've done it!!!

me: but i caaaaaaan't!!!

Amanda: losers say can't!!
are you a loser!?

me: uh...

Amanda: (interlude: can you believe how long this conversation has lasted?)

Finally, "Amanda and me brainstorm"

me: Amanda, what should I write a play about?

Amanda: I still think you should do something with mom's idea

me: huh?

Amanda: the musical about being a therapist

me: oh
i'm trying to think of a catchy title...
Fix It Yourself, Moron!
The 50-Minute Me Fest
It's Always About You (a love ballad)

Amanda: The Tramp Slept with My Brother dance number

me: Doormat Disco

Amanda: hah!
Who Said That?: Skitzy's Sonnet
so many possibilities....

me: Sybil is My Soul Sister - a duet

Amanda: haha!

me: okay,...I'm saving this chat.
good material here
Aahh. Sisterly love. I'm with you on the valentine's thing Mary. Seeing how I'm the only single Jones girl left. But I hold the title with pride.
Oh Valentines Day, what can you say. I think that it has become overly commercialized. Think if the world of moneymakers, candymakers and flowermakers had never become involved it would still be just a day of Catholic Feast, that is until England and France became involved and then it was all down hill from there...or soemthing like that.
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