Thursday, April 13, 2006

ahoy! root canal mateeeeys!

This photo was taken approximately 30 minutes after my root canal was completed yesterday afternoon. I walked in to the apartment, and Peggy just about fell on the floor laughing because I tried to smile with only half my face. Naturally, we needed photographic documentation to capture this blessed day. I showed it to my boss, and she thought I looked like a serial killer.

I couldn't breathe it was so funny! I could NOT get the left side of my face to move at all. My mouth made this perfect 45 degree diagonal. Peggy and I were doubled-over, doing the silent-laugh thing for 15 minutes.

Here's my sexy pose:

Hey, what's the point of having your tooth's roots scraped out if you can't look like a pirate afterward? Am I right?

Thank you all for the marvelous support and prayers. I made it through without any trauma. Jaw is sore, and my tooth is sore...but that's expected. Just so relieved it's over!
You just need the patch over your eye and parrot on your shoulder!

Glad you survived the ordeal. Hopefully the soreness won't last too long...unless it means more fun pictures!
You are HYSTERICAL! You should submit those pictures to Lifetime so you can be a serial killer on one of their quality programs.
I'm glad you made it!
Now there's a headshot if I've ever seen one.
SOoooooo glamorous. Congrats on getting through the canal alive.
I love it, Mary. It's a look you should stick with... any chance of finding a dentist to marry?
I think I'm going to have to add "white trash" in front of serial killer based on that picture. I bet that girl lives in a trailer park and wears Daisy Dukes and smokes a lot and has a suspect genealogy.

I'm glad you survived the root canal.

Dude, you rock. You lived through the evilness and found the funny. Also, you are hot.

the end.
g: I should have stolen the "safety glasses" they gave me which I wore during the canal. It isn't an eye patch, but I'm sure they were just as creepy.

miss hass: you should switch to career counseling. you have the gift.

sarita: thanks! you're an inspiration to me, abscess queen!

Cic: if i married a dentist then all i'd do all day is worry that he'd be busy at work falling in love with the every crooked face sitting in his dentist chair. i mean, who resists that kind of in-your-crooked face temptation? no mortal man i know, i can tell you. my heart just can't take that kind of pain.

kelly: PERFECT. you nailed it. this face belongs somewhere in the deepest abyss of the appalachia smoking a pipe and swiggin' shine.

cat: no, YOU!
"who resists that kind of in-your-crooked-face temptation"....THAT is funny. I love your crooked face. What was that poem from childhood..."There Was a Crooked Man...He walked a crooked mile...he had a crooked cat...and a friend named Mary with a crooked smile...." Anyone remember that one?
I am so hapy to hear that your tooth problems are finally over!!! Yipee! This must mean that you and I need to go for ice cream some time soon!!! Wha' do ya tink?
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