Wednesday, April 19, 2006

hippity hoppity

So you'll never guess who came hoppin' on ovah to my house last Sunday!!!

I woke up Sunday morning to find a note from the Easter Bunny explaining that he never gave me a fair chance all those years ago. So what did I get this year? A totally wicked awesome easter egg hunt in my apartment! Eggs galore!

I totally rocked that hunt. Look at that sleepy smile on my face! Thanks Bunny (bawk! bawk!)
Awesome! Good job Mary.
That is awesome. Also, you are hot first thing in the morning. Your Easter Bunny is so cool.

I have always wondered why the Easter Bunny (a bunny rabbit) makes chicken noises.
what a wicked nice roommate!
That is excellent!

And i thought it was just the cadbury bunny that made chicken noises. Something to do with laying divine chocolate, sugar filled eggs.
That is soooooooooo sweet and makes me happy...or should i say...Hoppy?
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