Thursday, May 11, 2006

i got nuthin

Hi! Remember me? I used to blog. And stuff.

So the school year is winding down, and if we can just get to commencement, I think my head will not explode as I feel it is destined to do at any moment.

It’s a quarter after five and I’m at work waiting to go to the retirement party for one of our VP’s. There is that unwritten law that if you don’t go to these things, and act like you’re having fun, no one will ever consider you for a pay increase. Not a chance. And I need a pay increase. I need like 47 pay increases. So off to schmooze I go.

Some other random thoughts:

1) I downloaded some Bach cello suites illegally off a nameless website. Feeling really guilty. I know the guy’s dead and all. But still. It’s just not right. Sorry, Johann; I can’t pay for culture right now.
2) I bruised the padding in my right foot the other day while running in the rain. Have you ever bruised a pad? Really annoying.
3) I called my landlord yesterday and told him my rent was going to be late by I would pay it no later than the 19th. He was super cool about it. Well, it’s the very least he can do, seeing as how I live in a ramshackle den of mold and moths.

4) I really want to be home for Mother’s Day this year. I miss the fam, plus Dad is barbecuing steak. And I haven’t seen my nephew in six months. That’s like more than half his lifetime. That’s just nuts.

5) I am craving me some Splash Mountain in a way that’s inhumane.
6) I’m gonna go on record as being the first person I know that didn’t like the new King Kong.

And that’s it. Bye.
I found myself in love with Adrian Brody. Who ever knew such a thing would be possible?

Also, this may be gross, but I got bored in class today so I pulled out my pocket knife and started cutting off the callouses of my feet. I know. Gross. No bruising, but now there's a lot of fresh skin.
Oh I heard that. I heart Adrian Brody and his prominent nose.

Look on the bright side, Paka--Cambria is just around the corner! :)
When is the trip to Cambria? Can I come too? I never saw King Kong; and I lectured my 14 year old son on the sins of downloading music for free and then as I was just "checking it out" (after he'd gone to school one morning) I suddenly found myself downloading several...okay about 20 songs from the sixties that i remember loving as a kid; I hope the shmoozing was a smashing success for you Mary and that you get at least 30 pay raises from it. Finally...don't run - in rain or on dry land - it can't be good for you....just stroll. heehee...
Cicada: I'm just a down home girl who can't be trusted with knives so I just use my trusty fingernails to pick at my corns. Sexy Me.

Manda: Watch the King is Kong diary DVD's and you may just change your mind about Brody. He tries to act all Homeboy from the Hood when he's wishing us a Merry Christmas. Lame.

Mmmmm....Cambria. (Our family beach vacation spot since 1984.) Yeah, I can latch my brain on to that. Thanks.

Kim: How do I love thee. I'm going to take your advice about the running thing. From now on, I'm going to play squash. Just so I can tell people I do. Maybe that will get me a pay increase.
Seriously, squash makes you a big wig in the business world. All the important people, or people that associate with important people and get perks from squash. Except for me, and yet, I remain a VIP in my family.
Ha Ha!!..I get it sarah!
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