Monday, June 05, 2006

too deep for me

I’m coming back from Quincy Market and I read this guy’s, what looks like iron-on, t-shirt:



Break it down...let’s say for the sake of argument that there are no typographical errors or otherwise duplicitous vowels which fundamentally alter the meaning of this statement.

What on Buddha's green belly does this statement mean? I’m walking down Tremont thinking this apart. Open your mouth....loose your head. Open your mouth…express yourself…empty your head of its contents….loose your head? I guess that could work, but it’s kind of a clunky choice of words.

Perhaps it’s an inside joke? Maybe this is an expression shared by a precious few in his private sphere and the entire purpose of putting it on a t-shirt is to needlessly preoccupy people like me while they walk back from their lunch break?

Now, let’s say that the gentleman’s spelling is abysmal, and indeed the word 'Loose' should have been spelled 'Lose'. I still don’t think I get it. So….open your mouth….to say something….and if you do…’ll lose your head. Yeah. Don’t get it.

I finally gave up because my thoughts became more and more literal, imagining his mouth wide open, singing "Ahhhh..." while his head sort of flopped around.

What's your explanation for this? Take a stab. Teach me. What am I missing?
I don't know, but it's really funny when people spell 'lose' as 'loose'.
Most likely has sexual connontation since those who are so preoccupied as to put such things on iron on shirts are equally as likely to misspell words AND not make sense.
This is where spell check comes in handy. Or a dictionary, or even the opinion of an average Joe passerby.

I get a kick out of store signs and marquees with blatant mispellings and bad grammar.
I love the one near Rachel's home in Louisiana for a boutique (funny I don't remember the name of the boutique) but below the name it says "California Flare"

The mental picture I get is probably not what they were going for.

Thanks for letting me post on your Blog Mary.
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