Monday, July 17, 2006

and monday morning it is...

In the 7-Eleven this morning on Charles St., (I was getting my 40 ouncer.)

7-Eleven Employee to 7-Eleven patron whom, I assume, is a previous acquaintance:

(gravel-y bellow) “GIT OUTTA THIS STOAH, Y’CHUMP!!” (big grin on his face.)

I felt like I was in a scene from Good Will Hunting. It felt pretty good.

One more…

Almost to work, walking in the Common when I see young blonde woman with cutsey puppy. Puppy just stops walking, so Blondie stops and looks at him. Puppy contemplates other path, he’s looking straight at it. Blondie says: “This way,” and tries to continue on their way. Puppy doesn’t budge or shift his gaze from alternate path. Without taking an additional step, Puppy leans his upper body in the direction he is looking and then freezes like a statue. He will not be moved. Puppy will either go down this other path, or he’ll die right here. They stayed in that position until I had to cross the street to work. I loved the Puppy’s subtle passive-aggression in this scenario. It made me chuckle. I so get that Puppy.
I SO get the puppy too. Except probably for a different reason--that being that my puppy does the same thing.
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