Thursday, July 13, 2006

from blog to classroom

It looks like I’m a’gonna do uht. I’m making the final edits on my 15-page writing sample, I’ve filled out the application, I’m sending away for my transcripts tomorrow, and I’ve asked my supervisor for a letter of rec. All I need is my admissions essay and I am golden. Seriously, what’s the point of working at one of the finest colleges for Creative Writing in America if you don’t take a writing class? Or four? Free of charge, might I add?

This is a one-year program offered through Continuing Ed here called the Screenwriting Certificate Program. I went to an information meeting about it last month, and got really excited. Great faculty, and former students rave about it. I’m a’gonna do uht.

I asked if I could use certain weblog pieces as part of my writing sample. They were so down with that. So I went back and touched up a few, including this one, this one, and this one.

I really want to write plays, but they don’t have a playwriting certificate program. Mainly, I just want to see if I can write. I have some ideas for plays that I’d like to know how to get down on paper intelligently, creatively, and entertainingly. Screenplays are pretty different from stage plays, but I’m okay with that.

I think it’s going to feel good to do something creative again. Besides finding ways to avoid work. But to my knowledge that's not a recognized profession yet.
Three excellent choices, Mary.
Mary, this is awesome. I love your choices. The fact is, you are a writer already.
Richard, I'm so proud of you! I want to do creative writing classes for free at my work! They don't do that here. The only free thing I can do that's educational is ride along with a strawberry grower. Which is cool, but it's no Screenwriting Certificate Program!
Yaaaaay! Thanks for the support, my friends. I'm really pumped. I just hope it's not like grad school, where every day I got up to sing, and afterward they ripped me apart. Every day. For two years. But I'm better for it. Thanks. Bye.
That's so awesome! I'm so proud of you. And really jealous too.
Go Mary! You definitely have some creative talent. Make that a lot.
SO exciting, Paka!! You'll do wonderfully. I just know uht.
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Fun! I think you'll love it. And if you've survived grad school in vocal performance, I think you'll do great in a writing class, if screenwriting is anything like regular writing. Well, actually, I don't know anything about writing-for-adults classrooms at all, because my experience may just be the fact that I'm in children's literature, which feels so much *nicer* than the adult writing world. (I suppose I have limited experience with the latter, so probably not a useful comparison.) Not sure what it is, but it feels like a more cooperative rather than competitive world, in general. But hopefully your classes will resemble that world.
Yay for you Mary! I was the one that deleted my comment above....for some reason I cannot post comments on your blog today. I love the pic below of the fireworks. You need to go see my photo of our fireworks. heehee...very pale in comparison.

You will do amazing things. I'm happy for you and excited for you!
Go you!
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