Monday, July 31, 2006

on experiencing verbal difficulty

An Ipod Video, by and of itself, is pretty dang righteous. But add to it the fact that a bunch of your friends chipped in and gave it to you on your birthday, at your surprise party, when you thought you were having dinner with a couple friends, and you pretty much run out of words. Just a lot of head shaking. That’s all I got.

Yeah, really good birthday.
May I have your friends?
Can I at least borrow them?

Somebody must be loved.
I am so pleased. Also, you're friends are more than friends. They are rich friends.
McKay says give him a call and he'll show you a whole other world on your ipod. It's awesome.
Cicada: I know, right?

Sarita: I know, right?

manda: Excellent! I'll call this weekend. I've been meaning to call you for days, but with Dad and everything my life is pretty much not my own right now. Which is totally okay, because Dad's way cool and stuff.
Happy iPod days ahead!!!

you're so cute....have fun with your new toy....
Oh,my!! Happy Happy Birthday fellow Leo. I'm so glad you have such kick butt friends.

Love you, Danielle

I love you! I miss you! Happy Burday back at you, honey. August 4th, right?

I lost your email! Gah!
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