Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3:40 p.m.

[My Cool Boss pokes her head in my office doorway.]
MCB: [low voice] What’s the chocolate situation look like today?

Me: One second.

[Opens bottom left desk drawer where stash of Parisian chocolate is stored.]
Okay, I was just about to crack open the Truffe Noir selection.

MCB: Oh, don’t open it on my account.

Me: Oh, I’m not. Trust me. Is the dark chocolate okay?

MCB: Yes, I’m definitely feeling dark.
[Furiously opening box, then ripping open foil to uncover beloved chocolat noir.]

Me: Look! It comes in rivets!

MCB: Well, hello there…
[breaks off a rivet of chocolat Truffe Noir and takes a bite slowly.]

Oh…[chew]….Oh my. Indeed, yes.

Me: It’s good?

[Takes a bite. Enjoys in silence for a while. Looks at MCB.]
Yeah. That’s…that’s….yeah. Holy crap. That's intense.

MCB: That’s good.

Me: That is good. Hey, thanks for going to Paris.

MCB: Any time.
[Exit MCB]

Euronians know chocolate. My recommendation is Cote's toffee almond dark chocolate. And this other bar of chocolate made with pepper. It's amazing. Sounds gross but no. It is not gross. In fact, it is very very delicious and wonderful.
I'm glad I'm moving to the Boston. Maybe then I can be better friends with you. Kylee's right. Your blog is awesome.
Mmm....chocolate. That is the highlight of pretty much every work day around here. That kind you have sounds divine.
g: it was certainly powerful and other-worldly, though I can't say for sure if it was "divine" as I may have experienced one or two rather impure thoughts while savoring it. va va voom. ;-)
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