Thursday, September 21, 2006

how fun is this?

So my next writing assignment is a goodie. A 10-page, two-person scene. A couple, in a restaurant, on a date, and the server has just delivered their dessert. A negotiation over the dessert ensues; but the negotiation isn't really about the dessert at all. Is that not fun?

So what's the dessert? Any suggestions?


Creme brulee. Fire is good. You know, dying embers of the relationship. OR the flames of desire. I've got a million of 'em.
Lady fingers....this just always invokes a mental image of actual lady fingers in my mind and grosses me out. And I'm not sure exactly what you might do with it, but im sure it has endless possiblities.
strawberry's got color, whipped creme, soft spongy cake.

this reminds me of dinner at Via Mata and remember how Preston got water spilled on him three times! so funny and how the first time is was in his bowl or food and he said, "oh,yes, I'll have the soup." so witty.
Jello -- this man is so tight he tries to convince his date to just order jello!!
Bananas flambe. It's my latest favorite. They can be arguing about something strangely related like who was it really who set fire to their neighbor's dog...
wow, guys...these are all really good! i've got a hard decision here!
Pasta salad.

What, that's not a dessert? Well I think so...and so ensues a confrontation! Yeah, yeah? Anyone with me?

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