Friday, September 15, 2006

love and stuff so

The following chat reveals a few highly important items of note:

1. Sometimes girls will share emails they receive from boys they date with their girlfriends. Be advised.
2. Very good information here for guys wanting to make up for stupid things they say to women. Be advised.
3. I am such a sucker for tales of young love. Be afraid.

Mary’s Friend: Dude. [Boy] and I are really good for each other. I realized like the only things I don't like about him are shallow: his speaking voice, not being able to sing, and being skinny. Only 3 things. Not bad.
me: hahahaaa! you are hilarious. i think you're really good for
him. i think he becomes more himself every day because of you. i don't mean that to sound as if you're not getting anything positive out of it. you obviously are.
Mary’s Friend: haha. Yes, I know.
me: i love that you get all excited about him.
Mary’s Friend: haha
me: and he is very kind to you.
Mary’s Friend: He TOTALLY is!
me: yeah. i'm just saying, you're kinda making him into a man. and that’s awesome.
Mary’s Friend: He actually said that!
me: really? that's too creepy.
Mary’s Friend: He said: "the things that i
found unnatural to do before, just come so naturally... i guess i just needed someone to inspire me to do them..." So, not in so many words, but the same idea.
me: that's soooo cool that he said that! i love it!!!
Mary’s Friend: I know... he's so cute.
me: yaaaaay!
Mary’s Friend: And I should forward this email to you that he sent me.
me: oh yeah?

[Mary’s Friend sends email.]

Mary’s Friend: You got it?
me: kay, got it. reading...

[I read one of the sweetest emails I’ve ever read to a pretty girl from a smitten boy who sort of put his foot in his mouth the night before, and thought of something nice to say to make up for it.]

me: q3[4 9ttu 2q[05 9ua4v!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! i love it!
Mary’s Friend: haha Isn't it sweet? It's perfect for me.
me: his finishing with "You're beautiful." is absolute genius. Gold stars for that.
Mary’s Friend: Exactly what I needed. Haha!
me: guys should just know that every email needs to end with "you are beautiful". every time. it never gets old.
Mary’s Friend: I know! That would be SO awesome! Thanks for lettin' me gush. You're a gem.
me: please. i live for this crap. i should be thanking you.


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