Friday, October 27, 2006

gary allan

This man makes me weak.

Do yourself a favor: download this man’s music: Right Where I Need To Be, Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, Man to Man, his cover of Blink 182's "Best I Ever Had" - - anything really. Good stuff.

My friend Tania and I saw Rascal Flatts a couple weeks ago, and Gary opened the show. Mommy. The man is beautiful. He was in this tattered old red t-shirt, blue jeans, his hair had grown out a little, and his face was scruffy. He’s a bit thinner than photos I found online; maybe it has something to do with his wife’s death two years ago. His devastation is more evident in his music than in his appearance. Of course, bleeding hearts of countless women everywhere are busting wide open for this baby doll.

The most remarkable thing about him, though, was his genuine humility and gratitude for everyone in that arena. During instrumental breaks, he’d just look around at us in wonder, shaking his head. It was a beautiful thing to watch a sorrowful man stare out into his blessings and quietly take it in.

Anyway, y’all better take a listen.


Oh, Miss Mary, I am with you! I didn't expect to be as impressed with the opening act as I was, but it was pretty incredible! What a beautiful man and a beautiful concert!
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