Monday, October 30, 2006

last weekend

Here's some photos from some Halloween fun last weekend. Rachel is some silver medal snow boarding chick whose name I can't remember. Leeny makes for one hot King of Pop. She's so killer, I wish she was the real Michael Jackson.

I was a 50's housewife. I wish you could see me with my pillbox hat toting my Lawrence Welk "Champagne Party" album. Sethry here was Mr. 007, and Tim is more hot than any Maverick circa 1986 you can find me. Seriously, I couldn't stop drooling over Tim-o.
Really fun times this weekend. Yay costumes!!!


Darling, you look awesome in your 50s housewife getup!
You are a seriously hot 50s housewife. Love it!
I'd vote for 007 any day!!
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