Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween in salem

Meet my posse. We went to Salem, MA for All Hallow's Eve this year. Mighty memorable.

We called our costumes The Walker Texas Ranger Television Series (There were 4 seasons in total.)

As you can see by this photograph, I was Season 3.

Here's us scoping out a mighty dangerous lookin' dumpster...

No Chuck Norris western t.v. series, as personified by four women wearing fake moustaches, would be complete without their token Boy Wonder. Meet Richard!

The original idea was that Richard would keep us safe from thugs throughout the evening. It took 15 minutes of being there to realize we'd be the ones protecting Richard for the duration of our stay in Salem.


Walker. You are one HOT Texas Ranger. Love, Walker.
Right back atcha, Walker 4. Cuddles, Walker.
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