Wednesday, November 15, 2006

oh. oh my.

Mocking the mentally unbalanced, in my view, secures admittance into some or other circle of hell. It’s low, it’s mean, and it’s totally, and utterly, NOT what I am about to do. I relay facts as I see them unfold, then I make a few neutral, if not benign, personal observations thereof.

I’m sorry, but I have just never seen anything like this in my life, and you need to hear about it.

Today on Tremont street, I noticed a man hugging a lamppost with his arms. Also, feet. He was wrapped around this post as if he were about scale up the thing like a Polynesian on a palm tree. Aaand…as if that were not enough. He was kissing the lamp post. He was kissing the lamppost. Kissing. The lamppost.

When my eyes first skimmed over the scene, I thought maybe he was an electrician working on a phone pole. It was only after the double-take did I realize a) it’s not a phone pole; b) he’s not an electrician; and c) there is no practical or professional justification for kissing a lamppost anyway. Either the guy is on camera about to make some dough in exchange for human dignity, or he is really, really, confused.

Then, and I think this is the funniest part, he dismounts, takes one last look at his post, pauses, then without a word turns and walks away like nothing. Just continues on his way.

I stinkin’ love this town.


That was me.
Your sister Laura
P.S. I'm not a guy.
Well, I feel sheepish.
Woah. That is very interesting. Although I can't believe you didn't ask him for his number.
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