Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sucking the marrow with two straws

I really miss having good writing ideas. It would seem I’m trying to save it all for the play, which has yet to find its real direction. I got nothin' left for the blog. It isn’t like I’ve stopped thinking about stuff, or that comical life experiences have ceased to be. I just don’t seem to have the time to write them out the way I want to.

I can tell you I did find a very good deal on a plane ticket home for Christmas. Yay me.

This week’s practice is to, whenever possible, not answer my phone, not make plans, not write my play, not do my laundry. Wow…I really need to do laundry. When the freak am I going to do laundry? I shoulda done it last night.

Last night, I had this whole plan: Bake the second pan of chicken enchiladas I made over the weekend for dinners during the week; laundry; write; read the assigned play; crochet; go to bed. Here is what actually went down: found leftover KFC in the fridge; ate some of that; drank a liter of Diet Coke; laid on the couch for an infinity watching “Meet Joe Black” on AMC (I’d never seen it, and no one told me I’d pass my birth date before it was over); went to bed. So, some minor modifications to the original plan. I am thoroughly disgusted with myself.

Oh, and I ate like three of my pumpkin pecan chocolate chunk cookies (aka “P²C³ cookies”). I need to bake more. I’m down to about six.

Why does that girl in Meet Joe Black look like she’s ingesting teargas at every moment?

I’ve started taking a daily multivitamin. Today I took it with my chocolate peanut butter cookie breakfast, and washed it down with cocoa.

Caramel. This is a word used often at this time of year. Let’s review the correct pronunciation, shall we? It’s KAR-muhl. Not KERRA-mell. KAR-muhl. Say it with me. KAR-muhl. One more time, by yourselves. (Pause to listen.) That’s right, very good.

Finally, this next paragraph is for females only (who am I kidding here?): My uterus and I need to sit down and have a chat pronto. This whole situation is getting entirely out of hand. Uterus can pick whatever day of the month it chooses, but once that day is chosen…STICK WITH IT! That’s the deal. I don’t care what stress or other factors may cause delays, I have a life to live here. And I can’t constantly be worrying about the uterus and when I get my fun surprise. You feel me?

I think that’s it for now.


I think it's important to maintain good communication with your uterus. Of course, I do work in a prenatal clinic where uteruses (or uteri?) are all the rage. I feel your pain.

And I say you let your uterus know who's boss...
Close! Very close, Moone. Sound it out. You're doing fine.

I'm the boss, Uterus. It can't always be about You-terus!
Didn't you know your uterus is a tracking device? Oh yes, when men can't find things they usually ask women because they know we will be able to track it down!! It also serves as a microwave, frying pan, dish washer, washing maching, etc. Boy have we gotton the raw deal!! Men's parts aren't so complicated so their list of things they can do is minimal.

You found a cheap flight home for Christmas??? I hope you have time to meet with Terri and I. If not we will understand. DiCicco's is calling you.
Those cookies sound really good. Maybe you'd like to make some and ship them to someone in Maryland who you've never met.
Mary @ McCormick: you are a crazy person. I love that! DiCicco's lasagna - - a must this holiday season.

g: I'll have Cat give me your mailing address. I can't stop eating them. Darn good stuff.
You crack me up! I love it!
don't forget, you shall meet g tonight! that rocks. perhaps i could take the cookies to her and we'll see if any actually make it:)

also, that second 'a' isn't there to sit and look pretty. car-a-mel. slurring it is acceptable though.
Mar. I am originally from NY and have been saying Car-a-mel my entire life. And I think you are wrong on this one. Just look at the way it's spelled.
Oh, and by the way. This post is HILARIOUS. Claire Florlani does always look like she's about to cry. But, not just in MJB, in EVERYTHING. IT'S ANNOYING!!!!!
Awesome Halloween costumes.
Miss and Love you like crazy. D
Didn't mean to be anonymous in that comment by the way. It's from me, Danielle.
It's kinda like how people on the East coast prounouce Nevada
"Nuh-Vah-Dah" whereas us westerners say "Ni-vadd-uh." We must accept each other and move on.
Quit stirring the pot, Mary.
D: Fine. But it's only because you're a rock star and I'll never be as cool as you. Otherwise, I'd take you to the mat on this one.

Manda: I will stir uht anytime I feel to stir uht. Got uht? P.S. D'land in March or May this year?
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