Wednesday, December 20, 2006

#1 Reason Why Mary Does Not Like to Shop at Christmas:

Because it reminds me of how much I suck at patience.

But let me clarify and qualify that statement, if I may. When it comes to kids, taking care of sick people, old people behind the wheel, or holding out for the best price on something I really want, I am extraordinarily patient. I gots me lots of patience for that kinda stuff, because that stuff matters. Shoot, I’m even patient waiting in line for my turn to pay for stuff - even if it’s a long line. I recognize that everyone must be served one at a time, and everyone is going as fast as they can. But once I’m at the register, and I’m ready to pay, and store clerk shoots me a dirty look as if it’s my fault I picked a pair of pajama bottoms that DON’T have a tag on them, then I become irked. (Sir, if you’d like me to bring in my own tags before I patronize this retail establishment, perhaps you might post that on the door.) Moreover, if store clerk dials for a price check and Ms. Heinz 57 Hyphen It’ll Take Me An Hour to Get There answers the call, I start to shift my feet and look a little worn. Furthermore, when Heinz finally appears and proceeds to tell me that I’ve selected a pair of pajama bottoms that are part of a two-piece pajama SET, even if I found them on a mile-long rack of bottoms only, no tops in sight, and the bottoms I selected were available in several sizes hanging on said rack, and if 57 goes on to say I can’t have just the bottoms because they’re part of a two-piece pajama SET, AND that I’ll lose my place in line if I go back to make another selection, well snickety-boo - - that’s when I start to say not-so-nice things like this: “No. Sorry. Here is what’s going to happen. You’re going to hold my place while I go back to Lingerie and quickly make another selection. I am not going to the back of the line.” Then I leave before anyone can respond. That’s when you know I’m out of patience.

But you should see me if someone throws up on my shoes. Perfect saint.


Ugh, retail this time of year is so miserable. I have my own little story of surly retail folk, but I'm not going to get into it. I will say that I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt because I have worked retail before. However, if I ever, EVER treated customers the way I have been treated in many retail establishments, I would have been fired so fast...
Get over your picky retail service with a smile selves. There's people sleeping in dirty smelly rags less than a mile away from you.
Anonymous makes an excellent point.
Love the new look Mary! And boo on mean people. One of my favorite songs has this line: 'don't let the meanies bite your head off...lalalaa'. It does wonders to improve my mood when people are being surly with me.
Next time maybe try patting Ms. 57 on the bum a few times, it seems to work for ketchup.
I like the new look of your bloggy-blog! <3
ohmygosh, this happened to you too!! H&M? frightening place!
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