Monday, January 08, 2007


Oh my gosh, I’m blogging again.

I hope to post a short report on my trip home for Christmas this week. When I remember to bring my camera to work, so you’ll all have pretty pictures to see, I’ll do that. If I remember. Okay, there’s a slight chance there will be no short report. I don’t like to be tied down.

Instead, what I will do today is publicize today’s little snippuhts at which I snickered.

First Snippuht:

While walking up Tremont in search of something appetizing on a rainy afternoon:

Homeless Person: Spare change, miss?

Me: No, thanks!

I seriously didn’t mean to say that. I wasn’t trying to be glib with a desperate man in need of change. It just slipped out. And then I snickered and kept walking.

Second Snippuht:

While waiting in line at the Wendy’s establishment, I recognized a man I had seen only once before. He is memorable for one reason only: his hair plugs. Nelly, the plugs. Have you seen “Return to Me?” (Minnie Driver, David Duchovny) Remember the scene with the hair plug guy? Yeah, well…Wendy’s guy? Identical to Return to Me guy. The hairline on the top of his forehead looks like he traced it with a brown eyebrow pencil. Not kidding. Botched Plug Job. I’d totally sue. I actually began to think about this in detail: Who would do that to the poor guy, he seems so nice? He also seems foreign. I wonder if foreign hair plug installers don’t have the best equipment as we American folk do. Do foreign hair installers require schooling of any kind? How about depth perception? And if it was in fact done here in the States, shouldn’t we make a law? I then resumed thinking about my taco salad and Diet Coke, of which I was about to consume.

Hmmm…reading over today's snipphts, I’m beginning to think I am a heartless beast. I don’t give needy people change in the rain, and I snicker at insecure bald men.


Cold and heartless. That is SO you, Miss Mary.

We're going to dinner soon, yes?
My Kelly! Yes. Dinner. Thursday?
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