Tuesday, January 30, 2007

team biore

Last night over steak and Diet Coke, Rachel and I decided to join Colleen's cult. We are now in her power. We flank her wherever she goes. And to show our undying devotion, to testify to the world that we are hers forev, we wear biore strips. We bought them together. At Target. Our lair.

Colleen is my buddha. Colleen is my queen. We dance in the nuda. Our pores tight and clean.

Come on peeps, can you blame me? Look deep into those eyes. And join us. Buy the biore and join us.


Even though I'm in this cult, I'm a little afraid.

Hahahaha. I don't even think that's how you spell "minions"...

I would check, but I don't have to because I'm a cult leader! :)

Love you, lady.
I don't put anything on my face that's mixed with bad sounding stuff anymore. Join ME and go strictly botanical. I can recommend some products later to you and your cult.
Warm regards,
Laura Webster
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