Tuesday, January 16, 2007

who's a big winner?!

House Daddy, that's who!!!!


dr house... will you marry me? i promise to always think it's sexy when you verbally abuse me and everyone around you.
wow, peg. will you look into my brain once more and post what i had for dinner last night?
hmmmmm... i am seeing it... oh wait... no it's fuzzy now... ahhhhh.... there... there it is... gently now... you had crackers and cheese with a side of baked beans and hot dogs WITH diet coke of course!

dude... i am so good at that
that is so scary. i didn't actually have that for dinner. but it is what i WANTED to have for dinner! you're a metaphysicaly phenomenon. also hot.
House is SO hot. My oldest friend Jamie is dating a dude that kinda looks like him. He's sorta hot, but it kinda freaks me out that she is 22 and he is 44.
I hadn't heard!! HIZZAH!!
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