Tuesday, March 06, 2007

she's just messed up, people

All I know is, I've been a heterosexual female all my life, and there are few words that are more offensive to me personally than this one. Not that I like getting into politics...but does everyone else see how messed up this woman is?

When does "angry" = "empowered" anyway?

As for the word's origin, meaning and usage, which Ms. Coulter touches on in her defense, I refer you to Wikipedia, the authority on all things important and good. I thought the "See Also: hate speech" was a nice touch. Looks like Wiki doesn't have your back on this one, Ann.
Crazy huh!? I saw this on the news last weekish and could hardly believe it! Sometimes I think we take our PC-ness too far, but this is clearly a lapse in judgment. What a nut.
I'll talk politics for you -

Coulter is an idiot.
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