Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, I really do have great bosses. They're occasionally high maintenance, but what else could high-powered female attorneys be? Easy going? (Snort.)

I guess I've been a little pensive lately. One of the perks of female bosses is they're usually tuned into the sort of thing. More importantly, they have personal understanding of just how much rapture comes from a delivery man standing in your doorway, holding beautiful flowers in one hand, a slip of paper in the other, as he tentatively looks up and says: Mary?

The flowers came from a small floral shop near Chinatown. The envelope read: M. Websper. The card read: "your the best". Love it.

Here they are:

I guess I really needed them, because I totally started to cry. Then again, maybe that's just cuz it's April 25th. You know...the womens stuff we don't mention. Except on unrestricted public forums such as weblogs.


You quite possibly have the best boss ever...

And really, what is it about flowers that just getcha?
And I love the Webspers.
dear mizz websper... you are awesome. you are loved a lot. flowers for you need to happen on much frequenter basis. i am happy "your" my friend. i wish i could bring you flowers every tuesdee so that everyone would know that i too am as amazing as your bosseseez!

very truly yours (hello laura)
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