Thursday, April 26, 2007

i'm on the hunt, i'm after you...

So I happen to be on the listserve for this environmental group, the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council). They send me alerts about when certain environmental legislation is up before Congress and when to flood my congressman’s office with my outrage over the current administration’s gross negligence protecting polar bears, ignoring the energy problem, global warming, etc. So make no mistake, this organization is a pretty sober lot.

Today the NRDC sent me another very serious email about another very serious natural resource problem.

Subject Line: “Mary, Hear the Wolf’s Cry for Help”
I really need to grow up, it seems, because I totally burst out laughing. Does this, or does this not, sound like some kind of code phrase? Can you hear Duran Duran playing? So is the wolf like some brutish misunderstood man I’m supposed to nurture back into society with my feminine energy? And will they write a romance novel about us?

These are my thoughts. None of which, I’m sure, the NRDC would be happy about.


I missed hearing the cry for help, but I definitely heard the wolf cry to the bluecorn moon.
Actually, "paranormal romance," as it is called, is quite the popular genre and includes many a romance story involving wolves, vampires, wizards,etc.
Actually, will you please forward me that email? I'd kind of like to hear the wolf's cry for help.
Sincerely Yours,
Laura Webster
P.S. Write back.
My friend Jon and I did Hungry like the Wolf at an amazing karyoke night in NYC. It was legendary.
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