Friday, April 13, 2007


THOUGHT PUT IN TOTALLY LAST MINUTE: Friday the 13th and I completely walked under a ladder today. I'll probably do it again at lunch. I mean, what am Edge-Liver or something?! Come ooon!! Aye aye aye! Whoaaahhhh?!


Does some paint smell like B.O.? Or do just painters painting with paint that smells like paint smell like B.O.? Yeah, I think it’s that. He’s painting the office across from mine. Pungent. Nice guy, though.


Should I wear this fetching pink sweater to a fundraiser event I’m going to tonight?

Too fetching? Too feminine? Too…pink? Just level with me.


I know I can’t rock it like Cameron, but do you think I should get this haircut on Saturday?


Is it all right with everyone that I don’t really care what happens to Imus? I mean like, I just don’t care?


This is a conversation I just overheard between pungent painter man and the catering guy who’s setting up a lunch in our conference room:

Painter: What are those purple things?
Caterer: Um…those are potatoes.
Painter: Oh, all right then.


#1- paint and painter's bo = exact same thing

#2- pink sweater is HOTT!! it isn't too anything- just wear the D sweater already.

#3- YES-- i've been trying to get you to go short for a while now... just to see. i think you would be so cute with this cut... but that's just me!

#4- imus who? just kidding... it's okay that you don't care you heartless woman! but for a good laugh.. go to
and don't be offended... it's just for laughs!

#5- so did you ask for some purple potatoes
Pink sweater looks great!! Yes, a short hair cut would look cute on you!! It's not too short -- just perfect. Carmeron Diaz watch out!!
Sweater is totally cute! Wear it tonight.

And, oh my gosh, how adorable would you look with that Cameron Diaz 'do? I'm assuming the amazing Rachel is cutting it? Do it! Do it!

Imus just looks like a grumpy old man. He wasn't any part of my consciousness before and after hearing what he said I am A-OK with it staying that way.
some painters are hot sans b.o.

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes on the sweater. it's incredibly fetching, just like you.

you could totally rock the short do waaaaay better than cameron, just based on the simple fact that she doesn't do her hair herself. however, i'm opposed to the cut cause i love you long hair. nevertheless, rachel coon is a freaking hair genius so i'd trust her to do absolutely anything and have it turn out amazing.

i really don't know who imus really, i don't.

don't stop eavesdropping. ever.
"i love you long hair" = i love your long hair.


i love you long time.
Imus = get fired, you're an idiot

mary = hot with whatever hair she wants, love you

potatoes = sick when purple, tasty (and less starchy) when orange
HI Mary!! Yes you should cut your hair like Diaz! Remember the rockin'razor cut you got in grad school?? You looked HOT!! Oh, and you should know that I blame you for my HOUSE addiction. I started watching it after reading how much you liked it and I'm officially hooked. Love you.
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