Tuesday, May 01, 2007

pedicures and princesses

I don't usually advertise this, but I am a total girl. I know, pick up your lower jaw. No, what I mean is I love the girly. I'm a little embarrassed by how much. So this post is a confession, complete with evidentiary photos. I'll start with what I did last Sunday afternoon.

Peggy and I went over and had a princess party with our bishop's kids and his wife. Such a blast. We've done these before. We have a light luncheon, served by Sir Bob (aka Jackson, older brother) followed by dancing with wild abandon, not caring who we flash with our princess underwear.

Then, we move to the downstairs to watch Cinderella III and make bejeweled tiaras with elmer's glue and foam.
You guys have to see Cinderella III. I'll let you borrow my copy. It's intense. We eat ice cream sandwiches and sing the Cinderella song following the movie.

Then of course, there's the pedicures. It's pedicure season. So we girls head to Belmont Center and have a total girly day.

We hit TCBY, where Mary mows a turtle sundae with extra bananas in three minutes. Clearly from this photo, it wasn't enough.

I'm a girl. That's right. You wanna go?! Roll up, I will take you. And if you mess up my pedi, you are toast.

Finally, you guys MUST click this link. It's a standup routine about going to the nail salon, and it is DEAD ON.


we are the prettiest princesses in all the land!

i'm so sorry i wasn't there to do mani/pedi's and ice cream with y'all.

LOVED the video... it is SO how it is!!!
That video was hysterical!

Also, mmmm...ice cream.
way to blow my cover, mar. this whole time i've been telling people that i'm in utah. :)
Everyone, for the record. Julie has been in Utah. Our pedicure outing happened on Patriot's Day, just prior to her departure.

There, Ju. You can untwist the knickers now.
So, ready for this? I've seen Cinderella 3. Well, most of it. in fact, that's where "Bippitty-Boppity-Boobies" came from.
I need another pedi and massage chair. Let's go...
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