Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Right before I woke up (late of course) I was dreaming about this beautiful baby daughter of mine. She had these amazing blue eyes, long lashes, and no hair. The kid had fuzz. She wore a pale blue onesie, and she was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. She sat on my hip as I was making food in the kitchen, and she’d reach for everything I was holding in my hands. I’ve been missing her all day today. I never dream about babies, so I’m not too worried about getting psycho baby-crazed. Yet.

In other random nothingness, here are some words I typed incorrectly at work today. When I said them out loud to myself, I laughed. I encourage you to read and say them aloud for a first rate diversive experience.

and lastly,

I think my right is faster than my left or something. Also, I think I'm quite easily amused. Must be the lack of sleep. From all the baby dreams.

Enjoy your evening.
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