Thursday, July 05, 2007

besides the strong arms, sweet smile...

Do you want to know what is really, really attractive? A guy who knows how to forgive. He can let it go, he can leave it alone, he holds zero judgment, and once you apologize, he can just plain not care about it, because he knows it might just as easily be him in the stupid seat next time around.

I want to be a woman who knows how to forgive.

You know what really draws me to a guy? Seeing his personal connection with Heavenly Father by the way he interacts with other people, what he says to them and about them, how he listens, how he cares.

I want people to know God lives by the way I love people.

You want to know what is sexy? A righteous man. Gets me every time.


A righteous man with good taste, well actually, MY taste, in music.

I am lucky to have one of those...every time I go off on something or someone he is always the one pointing out that we need to support our our neighbor...give the benifit of the doubt...which at first makes me want to scream, but then I realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing man to keep me in check.
you speak the truth. yours is just right around the corner.

i on the other hand am too busy trying to become all of these things myself to even look!
I used to have this awesome ringer tee that said "I love mormon boys." It's true, I need to find a new t-shirt. Actually...I need to find a mormon boy to love.
AMEN! VERY well put!
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